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"Call for trainers - Council of Europe - Training seminar New Media in Youth Work"

"The Directorate of Youth and Sport organizes a training course entitled 'New Media in Youth Work' between 2-11 November 2011and taking place in the European Youth Centre Strasbourg.

The training course aims to develop the competences of youth workers and youth leaders in using new media in their non-formal education projects and activities with and for young people based on human rights education, intercultural learning and intercultural dialogue and on youth participation.

We are currently looking for trainers interested to develop this training course together with the educational team of the Directorate of Youth and Spot. If you are interested you can find teh course description here: TCdescription.doc and the application form for trainers here: TC application form.doc.

All interested trainers should return the duly completed application form to: anca-ruxandra.pandea@coe.int by Wednesday, 20 July 2011.

If you have further questions contact Ruxandra Pandea at: anca-ruxandra.pandea@coe.int"
in http://network.youthworkonline.org.uk/profiles/blogs/call-for-trainers-council-of?xg_source=activity

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